5th International Conference on Remote Sensing in Archaeology 'The Age of Sesing'

5th International Conference on Remote Sensing in Archaeology
From Space to Place initiative
The Age of Sensing
13-15 October 2014, Duke University

This conference seeks to explore the age of sensing, broadly defined. Papers and workshops will address the following topics:

  • Large Scale Remote Sensing
  • Close Range Sensing
  • 3D Modeling
  • Body sensing
  • Immersive Sensing
  • Aerial Photography
  • GIS and Sensing
  • Spatial Technologies and Landscape
  • Virtual Landscapes
  • Integrated Technologies
  • Intra and inter-site Applications
  • Lidar Applications
  • Geophysics
  • Sensing and Urban Context
  • Cultural Resource Management
  • Drones and UAV
  • Close Range Sensing
  • Remote Sensing
  • Virtual Reality and Cyber-Archaeology
  • Defining High Standards
  • Commercial Archaeological Remote Sensing

Confirmed keynote speakers include:

  • William Limp (University of Arkansas)
  • Wolfgang Neubauer (University of Vienna)
  • Frank M.R. Vermeulen (Ghent University, Belgium)


For papers: Please submit an abstract of 300-500 words (Times New Roman, 11pt font, standard margins) by May 15, 2014. See http://space2place.classicalstudies.duke.edu/submission for the submission form.

For workshops: Please submit a proposal by April 30, 2014 to space2place@duke.edu, including a title, number of participants (expected), technical requirements (equipment needed), and a description of the workshop.

See more at: http://space2place.classicalstudies.duke.edu/#sthash.qclijps2.dpuf 

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