hy full name is María Aránzazu and maybe you know me as María or Arantza. I am an Project Officer at the European Commission – Joint Research Centre. At the JRC, I am contributing to support the implementation of geovisualization on strategies for detecting and preventing fraud in the food chain & illicit consumer products on the European Market.

I craft narratives by developing interactive data visualizations. Leveraging my background in data science, I explore unconventional and less apparent insights within datasets, meticulously preparing and thoughtfully representing statistical nuances. Additionally, I am enthusiastic about imparting knowledge on data visualization and other subjects through workshops and corporate training.

Throughout my career, I have engaged in diverse projects encompassing a broad spectrum of challenges, ranging from interactive data visualizations and exploratory data analysis to the creation of corporate data tools, course development, training, instruction, and ideation.

If you believe I am the right fit for a project, wish to delve deeper into my research or past work, seek information about this site, or simply want to say hello, then I would be delighted to connect with you. Let’s get down to business! Contact me today!

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[María] Arantza[zu] Respaldiza [Hidalgo]